New Mobile Phone Technologies To Expect In The Coming Years

Mobile phones are now a necessity for a lot of individuals. Rarely do you see people to not have mobile phones. Smartphones are needed in order to connect online and to find things that you need whether it is a product or a service that you are looking for. However, let’s admit that smartphones today aren’t exactly perfect. There are a lot of things that can still be improved from these gadgets. Here are some new mobile phone technologies that we will be able to see more.

Larger screens

A lot of users today are visual. These days, we are seeing the emergence of palm-sized phones. Screens will begin to showcase great details perfect for watching videos. In addition to these screens, we can also expect phones to have 4K cameras. These screens will match the high-definition videos that the phone is going to capture.


Though the phones are getting larger due to the screens, the thickness of these phones is expected to decrease in the coming years. This means that the phones are also becoming lighter over the next years. This means that it is easier to hold.

Flexible screens

Also, you can expect that in the near future, there will be flexible screens. Though it is still in concept, a flexible screen allows you to minimize the space that is occupied by your phone. You can also fold it according to how you want the video to be shown.

Built-in projector

Another thing that is expected to be adopted in the next years is a phone that also functions as a projector. This means that you can have your presentation using your phone. It is also possible to just enjoy and watch movies using the same gadgets.

Longer battery life

Phones should also be able to keep up with its constant use. A lot of companies are now looking to use larger batteries that can hold a longer number of hours. This means that you can do more using your phone. You can browse the World Wide Web without any problem and without having to plug your phone into the charger every now and then.

Wet resistant

A lot of screens end up damaged when the phones get water damaged. It is a common problem and some people end up doing their DIY solutions. From burying the phone on rice to silica gel, these are just some of the most popular options that you get to learn from the World Wide Web. However, are these things really effective? In reality, it may not be that effective and in some instance, you have no other option but to change your phone.

A lot of smartphones are becoming available in the market these days. Rarely do we see brands settle. In fact, different companies come up with different designs and technologies to their consumers. These are just some of the technologies that will most likely appear on new phones. Does it mean that it will always be perfect? In reality, there might be some room for adjustments. However, you can expect no shortage of new technology in the coming years on smartphones.


Advances in Tech That Can Revolutionize Medicine

There are a lot of things that modern medicine can get from new technologies. In fact, it has changed how some procedures are being done. For instance, if you will look at 3D printing, who would’ve thought that it could also have benefits to modern medicine? 3D printing can help create organs in the future. Though it is still in its early research phase, this can make a huge change on how people are getting medical care.

Next, who would’ve known that a simple app can actually be used in a medical setting such as a clinic or hospital? There is now an app that can also function as an X-ray. We also have optogenetics technology. This technology makes use of light in order to point to a neuron and determine when it is firing. It hopes to understand more how the neurons work in the body. This could allow doctors to understand more how the brain works when dealing with certain emotions and moods.

A lot of the things that are being developed today may seem like science fiction a couple of years ago. However, with the advancement in medicine, it is possible to even save more lives.